Today’s musical interlude

Coco movie posterSadly, it’s not that I’m stumped for material. It’s more that I’m not grabbing the keyboard in the morning…or the early afternoon… and by the time the day’s momentum has wound down, so have I.


I was humming Oingo Boingo’s “Just Another Day” while I cleaned up the kitchen. I like it a lot, including the grim lyrics, but I’m pretty sure I’ve woven it in here before.

Besides, this other Oingo Boingo song ties into my weekend better–we saw Coco on Saturday afternoon, My Sweetie, B, and I. It was really really good in all the good places, and I cried and cried and cried, including at the very end, after all the credits had rolled. See it!

Meanwhile, you can listen to this bauble.

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  1. Martin Soques

    Coco won best animated movie in last night’s Golden Globe awards.


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