30 books in three days is daunting

[dateline: Thursday, 23 May] …so as I have breakfast and get ready to drop My Sweetie at the rent-car agency, I’m reading Fine Cooking. (The post title refers to my last paper of the semester, an annotated bibliography where each annotation is to be eight-ish sentences. I still haven’t collected all the books. It’s due […]

cloud’s eye view

I’m on the quick-hop flight from Austin to Houston: toss the plane in the air, spend maybe thirty minutes at altitude, and drop back down. So we’re already descending as I look at the “ground” of puffy stretched cotton balls as far as my horizontal vision can see. “Cumulus,” I think. “Not doing anything for […]


(in response to my earlier post “focus too narrow? focus too wide? “) Packing my lunch takes 5 minutes, which isn’t actually much. Not long enough to be telling myself, “I don’t have time to bring my lunch.” (I timed it, while heating my leftover coffee: 3x coffee-heating-time.) Mowing the backyard now takes 30 minutes. […]

rainforest mind

I’m reasonably certain I’ve been distracting myself from the assigned work at hand. Facebook is a known and appropriate culprit for this. At the same time, much of what I do on Facebook is read articles that I wouldn’t spend time tracking down on the wider interwebs. When I browse tangible libraries, I don’t start […]

image of infinite

I’m reading Holy the Firm for class this morning. It’s an unusually early morning for me, and I may finish the book by 8am, the time I’m usually just opening up my brain. It was first published in 1977, which I can see in its language. And still one of the threads in it is […]

focus too narrow? focus too wide?

I’m hitting the semester-point where my mind keeps skiving off toward other* pastures while returning to ruminate about the stacks of work at hand. So here’s a similarly disconnected bit. I like to sit, reading, at the kitchen table, folded up like a glove-box map. It’s becoming steadily more clear that this is terrible for […]

conservation of laundry

One of my classmate-friends turned to me this morning and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in jeans before!” I replied, “I wore these on Sunday, so today’s the day I’m wearing them again—conservation of laundry.” I’ve been a laundry conservationist for a long time. Some of what drives it is what you’d […]

finding a way

There’s a colleague of mine here, part of the first-year cohort (my cohort), that will slip into our classrooms ahead of time and write “After School Detention” on the chalkboard, and a brief set of classmate names below. This has been annoying my other colleagues, in a “wtf?” sort of way. To me, it’s a […]


“Has there been an experience in your life when God helped you do what you felt was impossible?” —Journeying Through Lent with Mark, Greg Weyrauch Just before this, the devotional writer described a day when he had nothing, so drained that he would have lain in bed except for the responsibilities that dragged him on. […]

in defense of idleness

This is not the original essay of the same title by Bertrand Russell and published in the October 1932 issue of Harper’s. That one is much more polished and witty, because Bertrand Russell-! and because I’m going to write this for me more than for any other audience. ** Yesterday had a 4am wakeup, a […]