Things I could do when I couldn’t focus, paid-work edition: Attend meetings. Make useful contributions in meetings. Take notes. Review email. Answer email. Field tech support requests (“I can’t print!” “Would you tell me what you see on your screen?…”). Annotate tech support tickets and mark them completed. Update project plans. Skim trade mags. Things […]


I’m out in the garden (the backyard/the patio) this morning for Reasons. The weather thus far is cooperating — mostly overcast, frequent breezes, no moisture from the sky as of yet. I had trouble engaging my routines this morning. Yesterday was full routine-fail, as were the two days before that. My analytic brain wants to […]

i don’t want to be the petunias

By encouraging the consumption of more meat…, of refined carbohydrates, and of trans fats and chemically extracted oils…, the government-endorsed dietary model may have led to more deaths than it claims to have prevented. Mark Bittman, Food Matters (2009). p57. I was rereading Food Matters — good book, though Michael Pollan’s roughly contemporaneous Food Rules […]

put me in, coach

If you know the John Fogerty song, and know how much I love the movie Bull Durham, you’ll think I’m writing about baseball. But that would be silly, because I know just enough baseball to remain my mother’s child and no more. I’m writing about my personal trainer. Or the adult swim team I belonged […]

when we lived in Wilmington NC

This is not, directly, my story. This is a story that belongs to my mother, peripherally, and her father more directly. Or it’s a set of fabric strips from old shirts that we traditionally stitch together about like this, adding some batting and family backing to make it a little more sturdy. I never lived […]

talk good game

I am (and have been) fine — physically, emotionally, daily. I wrapped up the semester well, sudden pivot to distance-learning notwithstanding. Clear-eyed, I knew what I wanted to put in place in June to support the rest of my (COVID-emptied) summer and how to go about doing so. I have perhaps done a tithe of […]

big letters

Look at the large letters I’m making with my own handwriting! —Apostle Paul, Galatians 6:11 (CEB) So since “being the people of God” didn’t stop when Austin TX started sheltering in place, and since the truth that Jesus Christ lived, died, and was resurrected is still true, Christendom will be observing Easter on Sunday, and […]

intercession overload

Many, many folk — good historians at heart — are saying: as the pandemic wraps around the globe, write a sentence or so each day. That way three generations or so into the future can know what was on our hearts, and not just what was on our minds, or what we said to chivvy […]


(written March 11, 2020)As I became a flirtatious teenager, I began referring to myself as decorative, reciting: Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin… Matthew 6:28b, NKJV It was meant to be backspin on an array of things, all at once. On a stereotype of women as decorative, […]

weeds are unwanted

I’m experimenting this week. Not only with being more routine in my devotional routine — that’s an easy Lenten move, and besides, I do that every week — but with ten different minutes of silence. So to recap: there’s the reading three poems that I added in front, the fourish verses of Scripture copied, the […]