imagine the rest

I’m beginning a week of silence. After May’s quiet-bathing, I thought I’d be at ease for this, but trepidation has kicked in again. At the same time, there are zero consequences (assignments, responsibilities, whathaveyou), so actual risk is minuscule. This process will be, um, interesting. As I work (work?!) to clear my head of scraps, […]

hierarchy of communication

You, me, in the same space. Perfect for “parallel play” (wordless communication) or my favorite wide-ranging everything-and-anything conversations. Text (or Messengering or other synchronous bits). Good for tactical exchanges, like “When will we get together and hang out?” (see #1) Email. For when it absolutely, positively needs to be answered in a week. Or more, […]


“Glennies” discuss re-entry fiercely among themselves. Mostly because we do most things fiercely among ourselves, but also because going from fierce, dialed-in Glen Workshop life to quotidian life is a big gear-shift. I compounded my return by next taking a week with My Sweetie to go on our own adventures: narrow-gauge train, proletarian hot-spring spa, […]


I’ve been at the Glen Workshop all week. In times past, I’ve found “the Glen” a centering, refreshing, and fecund (as writing goes) place. When I’m at the Glen I blog mostly daily, joyfully smoothing over my days like interesting pebbles I want to show off. Look, this one has mica in it! This year? […]

what do you hear?

(written 26 March 2017, lost via the vagaries of tech urping, revived the same way-!!) I have walked to where the old road ends. I don’t think I’ve ever driven this road, even though I’ve spent most of my springs here over the past not-quite-twenty years. The asphalt that connected it to the main road […]

when i’m with you

Hello, all—it feels like ὁ αἰών (an aeon!) since I’ve been able to be here! Annnd in fact it’s been precisely a month between this post and the previous one: thanks/no thanks 6-Week Greek Grammar-! Yet I’ve finished, I’ve passed (don’t “of course you did;” I struggle to memorize, so this was tortuous), I’ve gotten […]

fortress of time

It’s Monday; another week of intensive koine Greek begins. I’m sitting in the basement student lounge: this may become my go-to morning-practice spot because I’ve never seen anyone in here at any time, much less between 7:30am-9. Also, all our lights are on timers, and no one expects a person to sit in the dark… […]

invaders, colonisers

I am sitting in my startlingly balmy backyard: breezes ringing the chimes next door, sunlight dappling green (my favorite). It’s the end of my first week of our koine Greek intensive (as opposed to Classical Greek, think Homer), and I’m trying to figure out how to take good care of myself so I can sustain […]


I am pacing the floor: as in, walking from the counter by the microwave to the wall with the space-heater on it, just beyond the king-sized bed. A half-dozen, a dozen times (how do you count a lap?), and my brain only now forms sentences. I am watching the sun set out of the no-longer-bright-blue […]

Paradoxes and Oxymorons / John Ashbery

This poem is concerned with language on a very plain level. Look at it talking to you. You look out a window Or pretend to fidget. You have it but you don’t have it. You miss it, it misses you. You miss each other. The poem is sad because it wants to be yours, and […]