Here’s the thing about artists — their job is to fall in love for a living. Like, you could commission me to go write a historical fiction, a historical musical. If I’m not in love with it and I don’t know how to get myself into the characters, you’re going to be bored to tears […]

Today is March 20

The day I got married wasn’t the important day. Or maybe the better word is “revelatory,” because I do believe that making a permanent promise is important. But cautious persons like yours truly don’t make permanent promises without a lot of advance work. My wedding day felt just-right, the appropriate result of the work we’d […]

Dragons speaking

I keep wanting – and, in my head, trying for – these blog posts to stay connected to each other. By something besides my brains & fingertips. It’s almost possible…until I realize that my ancient nemesis, TL;DR, would take over each and every time. As I bluntly told a boss once, I don’t think you’re […]

Origin story-time

Maybe you’ve been wondering why this is called “Driving With Daughters”… but until today I’ve had other things pressing on my brain more. Plus today ended up with 3, 4 sweaty yardwork hours, which has made a serious dent in my energy. Right now I feel I’ll be lucky to square this away — the topic now has […]

(Finding my) Why at the bottom of the drawer

I finished Duhigg’s Power of Habit yesterday, and among the things I filed away I noted how he stresses every habit has a reward, a payout. A Why. I’m not getting to skimp on these dare-prompts, am I? Even more— Chelsea Dinsmore posted today about productivity, how she gets her stack (the stack she chooses) done. […]

Dare-ing consequences

There’s much I haven’t figured out, that seven sequential days of posting haven’t laid open. Ex: the ‘writing on vacay’ dilemma remains… BUT making a point of posting each day put a crack in something I didn’t know had a shell. Daily posting has value for me at this time. I’m picking it back up. […]


One constant challenge in my writing life is that I choose relationship over my writing nearly every time. Like now. G’night! (It might be a different choice if I wasn’t in the room full of conversation…)

Well, at least it’s revolting

What revolution will you lead? Yay, I got one of my email prompts! Somehow I still don’t have Day 6. I’ll think about that later, though, because mixing careful consideration and four women in a room that barely holds two double beds is not a skill I currently have. (Our New York City adventure has […]

Thanks, James

[L]et endurance have its full effect, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking in nothing.  -James 1:4 No word from the mother ship (of writing prompts) today. I’ve been gearing up for my trip tomorrow: the usual sorts of packing activities, and my practice of setting my home to rights. I like, when […]