Hill Country trails

Growing up on the East Coast, the trails I followed were reasonably clear: dirt in the middle of green. Green grasses, green leafy plants (like trillium, so lush)…even under trees there was still green, and the trail was where the green didn’t grow.  People make wider trails than critters, which is spare guidance for getting […]

And the challenges continue

I’m writing this from my undisclosed location with no cell towers and little wifi. It’s again past my bedtime. I decree this fits the letter of the intent–hurray! and good night, all!

Physics: so straightforward

It’s super-late for me, 11:40pm. And I want to get up promptly in the morning, so I can cascade my Friday activities effectively. But I’m also holding the line on •steps •blogging, which is why I’m here now. There’s a bunch backing up here…my brain is veering off into the challenges of blogging while I’m […]

You know, you can do everything right…

…and even still, sometimes the guy still dies. —Dean, from Supernatural (h/t to one of B’s favorite shows) I am so very, very frustrated. I live with a locavore, home-cooking wizard, who has filled my life with excellent food from the day we met. And who has morphed my Filet-o-Fish-loving tastebuds into something Michael Pollan […]

The wages of…dance lessons?

it is 10:25pm on a Tuesday, ‘way past my bedtime. But last night fell off the rails –no clue what THAT was about–so I’m shooting for the letter of the dare tonight and no excuses.  I am not a fan of the stream of consciousness, but that’s all I have tonight. I wish I’d tackled […]

Sieving days

Hamilton lodged so many tangles in my head that it’s going to take a long time for me to sort them all out. This one I’ve been tugging on since the day after… I thought it was about dying. Well, about not-dying. A. Ham spends a great deal of energy pushing against his (understandable) assumption […]


Today is a sluggish, vague day. I woke with a buzzing feeling on my cheekbones, which generally indicates more rest is needed.  The great thing about my current schedule is that I can change gears and try things like that. The difficulty about my current schedule is that I can try things like that. The […]

A little light (night) music

Ever since the night of March 9, 2016, my brain has been populated by 46 earworms. But this isn’t about my obsessive replaying of that soundtrack, or about how the worms were present well before I bought the soundtrack. Or even how these earworms kindly rotate themselves through my head via some subconscious shuffled playlist. […]

Why say no?

I’m listening to a podcast episode (Creative Giant Show #69, fwiw); the interviewee’s current passion is mentoring young potential entrepreneurs. And by young, he means middle-school-aged. His voice is full of outrage as he loops back again and again to adults telling these kids, “No. You’re too young.” I’m there. I’m standing right next to […]

Two steps

Mr. Verbsky, I was thinking about you tonight. Told a room of people so – our dance instructor had the “follows” switch roles with the “leads,” and then asked us what we thought. I thought: if I lock on my darling husband the way Ken locked on me, this two-step may turn out all right. […]