Everybody loves Paul

…when it comes to this quote: I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. (Romans 7:15) One of the founding fathers of Christianity as we know it, with one of the most dramatic turnaround (flip-flop?) stories on record, and he […]

21 interesting minutes

In other news, I completed SFD #2…and got all the way to the end! The end? An end, which regardless feels glorious. And it’s revise-able, also glorious. For the moment! Our feature today, however, is Bono & Eugene Petersen: THE PSALMS. Came out last Tuesday, and if you enjoy U2’s front man, or the guy who […]

May Day

This afternoon, I listened to a gorgeous rendition of “Danny Boy.” It was eerie, and I was on the edge of tears—not from the singer’s artistry, though she’s excellent, but because of a tiny coincidence that I think only one or two other people know: Today’s my Gandaddy’s birthday. Carl Roland West was born on […]

Today it’s this, and not that

I have spent my day thus far collecting…we won’t call them “reasons,” we’ll call them “descriptors”…for why I haven’t Made This Post, or Put Words in the SFD, or even Webmistressed Usefully For Those Patient People (-30 days and counting). And then my sister COMPLETELY SAVED MY BACON with this article from the Washington Post: The […]

Breathing in

The air breathing out of the undeveloped block next to ours is pleasant and cool. My Sweetie decided to walk after dinner, and I went with him for All the Good Reasons. It’s lovely to have eliminated the stay-home reasons! Almost an hour of golden light and soft air…the perfect time of the year. All […]

A small surprise in my study-book

I opened my study-book (Covenant: Trusting the Covenant, lesson 21), and was startled to find myself there— Covenant Prayer: For poets, artists, writers, and dancers who bear the beauty of God’s hope to others “Don’t panic. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear for I’m your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. […]

Why is it never enough?

In moments of time-wasting on the interwebs I take reading speed tests. My results depend on how each test’s structured, but 800 words per minute isn’t unusual. (I think the 1300 wpm one could be an outlier!) And life experience confirms that I read faster than most. It’s not enough. I have 4 books I’m […]

Car by the mailbox

I’ve told three people; it’s official; I’m avoiding my assignment for my summer class. Not by any clear method of procrastination. That would have had the mercy of being straightforward, and I could have straightforwardly sat myself down and told myself, “Enough already.” My conclusion’s based on accumulation–I’ve accumulated enough postponements to squint at the […]