Thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages

I’m taking a class this term called “The Pastor as Pilgrim.” It’s off to a slow start, mostly due to it needing to be reconfigured from a travel seminar, but I’m amused to note that the booklist and materials-list has a 75%+ overlap with what I already have. Mostly the books are on my, “Oh! […]

Towards a Relative Ending / Wyatt Prunty

Uninterrupted days occasion us,Affording light, withdrawing light,Almost as if someone too far away,Had thought but then forgotten why he thoughtOr, intuitive, had acted without causeAnd, looking again, wondered what it was he meant. Self-thinking and forgetful at one time,We live in rooms we know too wellUntil that ocular day,Vivid for the sky’s emptiness:The desk no […]

easier than thinking

My pandemic co-worker is on vacation this week*, so I’m on my own for lunch. My Sweetie, perhaps sensing this void?, came by to think out loud through the leftovers in the fridge… since my Before-Times drill was to use leftovers for lunch, it’s good to plant the dinner flags early. * Annd now pretty […]

self-serving education

I think I’ve always categorized classes, seminars, whatnot like this — but without the labels: A fire-hose of what I’m looking for So good to scratch that itch Fascinating and I’ll put it in my back pocket —Girl Scouts are always prepared Huh — didn’t know that thing… the other things, though… Glad to be […]

tiny monkey

That’s it for today. Just the monkey I took over from B when she cleaned out her childhood desk. It (they?) has a even tinier Velcro strip on the belly, for… I have no idea. Riding sideways on pencils? Looping through a buttonhole? A very nice monkey to have around.

tell me why i don’t watch video

Somehow I don’t watch TV. It’s turned on, many evenings — My Sweetie decompresses that way. And when I sit down nearby, and express a preference, he generally adjusts to what I suggest. But I just don’t sit downwhere I can see the TV. I used to think — in part I still think — […]

some rules

Obviously inexpensive “fake” earrings — like my plastic nearly 1/2”-diameter “diamonds” — are whimsical and charming… as long as the metal fittings haven’t oxidized. Then they’re cheap. Nail polish should never be chipped. Even on toes. So wear socks if you haven’t gotten around to the acetone yet. Putting together an outfit is its own […]

pandemic goals

In May I said I’d write down some summer goals. By my July birthday, I said. I sketched them by the deadline; I sent them out a week late, because they needed commentary. (Y’all might have an inkling of how much I work when I take things out of my head and get them into […]

reading rules

Bedtime books must be interesting but familiar. Unfamiliar books want to be read to the end, which is two or four hours after bedtime and wrecks the delicate sleep patterns. Familiar books can have momentum without drive — can hold focus/attention without waking the brain. Bedtime books need to be books, not magazines. Bedtime books […]

sandbox made of sand

There is no essence, no boundary, or centre, to theopoetics. This may becheerfully acknowledged even as we continue to debate and create ‘as if’ the fabrication we are engaged in could be compared to building a house rather than inventing a fiction. Heather Walton, “Creativity at the Edge of Chaos: Theopoetics in a Blazing World.” […]