Aphorisms define boundaries

Hearing loss is like wearing increasingly dirty eyeglasses—you don’t realize how your perception is fading away, but those around you think, “How can you put up with that?”

Says the woman who, as a girl, would only wash her glasses when reminded to. I would pull them from my face and look at the lenses, opaque with tear-salt and dust. I would think, “How did I manage to see through them just fine?” Newly-washed, I’d put them back on and realize, “Ohhhhh… how clear the colors are! How sharp and bright the edges!”


And while I’m sharing my aphoristic inventions:

Bureaucracy is the scar tissue of organizations.

I’m fond of that one, but I haven’t found a good place to unleash it.


The post title is a play with the word origins for “aphorism,” as collected in the British Dictionary and cited by Dictionary.com at http://www.dictionary.com/browse/aphorism.

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  1. Robert N Olsen

    Kimbol — clean your glasses. 😉

    1. kimbol (Post author)

      Dang! How’d you get my mom’s voice?


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