hashtag mom4lyfe

Now that I’m more than a month past “extension granted,” and five days beyond the formal end of that extension*, I’m noticing a handful of things. That illness took over two weeks, right? From before Thanksgiving into the second week of December? Recuperation took about the same amount of time. Which became this struggle of: […]

rabbit trail or intervention?

It’s the first work-Monday of 2020, and I had work intentions. Moving slowly toward them, sure, but it was 8:45a, and I could get in an hour or so before The Next Thing. I fixed my second cup of coffee, to drink while writing my Bible verses. I put spoons in the dishwasher, glanced at […]


For the first time I can recall in my higher ed career, I have an extension for my semester. (I don’t count the one from summer freshling year; I took that one to be polite to my instructor.) See, at the start of Thanksgiving week I came down with Something — all we can affirm […]

respect, deference

So about a year ago I had a school assignment where I was to interview someone from a non-Christian faith tradition. One of my good friends (also in the class!) in one of her previous (work-)lives served with an interfaith organization, and offered to broker a connection with one of her former colleagues. Sign me […]

opportunity cost

…few people consider the cost of neatness, according to Eric Abrahamson and David H. Freedman, authors of A Perfect Mess… A Messy Desk Is a Sign of Genius, According to Science: Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs had messy desks, just like most other geniuses. (Inc.com) Not me. I’ve known this a long […]


I’m still up to my eyebrows in school, with the-rest-of-life mostly ending up above that thermocline. Yes, this means that I’m not (soul-ly, emotionally) breathing. I don’t like this, and still I haven’t figured out how to get my nose out. Nevertheless! In a half-hour from now I will be interviewed by my faith-denomination’s committee […]

coffee and devotion

I miss this/you so much. Part of me wants to tell you this, go on and on and use a lot of piercing metaphors, but I don’t have/can’t take much time. Plus I’m not even sure it would be worth more than the plain words I just said. ** It’s Wednesday. I’m still finding my […]

imagine the rest

I’m beginning a week of silence. After May’s quiet-bathing, I thought I’d be at ease for this, but trepidation has kicked in again. At the same time, there are zero consequences (assignments, responsibilities, whathaveyou), so actual risk is minuscule. This process will be, um, interesting. As I work (work?!) to clear my head of scraps, […]

hierarchy of communication

You, me, in the same space. Perfect for “parallel play” (wordless communication) or my favorite wide-ranging everything-and-anything conversations. Text (or Messengering or other synchronous bits). Good for tactical exchanges, like “When will we get together and hang out?” (see #1) Email. For when it absolutely, positively needs to be answered in a week. Or more, […]


“Glennies” discuss re-entry fiercely among themselves. Mostly because we do most things fiercely among ourselves, but also because going from fierce, dialed-in Glen Workshop life to quotidian life is a big gear-shift. I compounded my return by next taking a week with My Sweetie to go on our own adventures: narrow-gauge train, proletarian hot-spring spa, […]